Magical Seals, Secure Voting Machines, and Other Fantasies About Election Security

older election integrity invited talk (2011)

suggestions for better election security (2012)

election security invited talk (2012)

An analysis  of election security issues by Roger G. Johnston, Ph.D., CPP and Jon S. Warner, Ph.D.

So Why So Much Bad Physical Security?

Security Theater is easy, thinking and Real Security is hard
Committees, bureaucrats, & knuckleheads are in charge
People & organizations aren’t used to thinking critically about it
Physical Security as a “Taking Out the Garbage” slam dunk thing
“If it’s important, somebody must have thought it through” Myth
Lots of hype, snake oil, & bad products
Blind faith in precedence and “authorities”
Physical security is not a well developed field

Usually we can defeat security devices (including high-tech ones) without attacking the computer/microprocessor, reverse engineering the software, or having an owner’s manual! Might this also be true for electronic voting machines?