LSS+ and DAME Register and Install

This tutorial will provide detailed information on how to register and obtain an unlock code for LSS+ and DAME. If you have purchased copies of either edition you must obtain an unlock code when you install the software, or obtain a code if the license has expired. All software is controlled by a license control file (.lcf) which must be activated before the software will function.

There are four versions of LSS+.  These were 4.05, 5.0, 5.1, and 2008-G2. For the disks to be unlocked, it important that we know the version, which can be found on the right side of the black disk.

The installation tutorial below takes you through the required procedure to generate a challenge key, and then receive an unlock code. You must supply the product serial number to obtain a code. A yellow or red registration card should have been included with your software.

The latest DAME version is 2013, to be updated in 2020.

In order to obtain the correct license, you must select the Locksmith or Government version, or DAME. if you purchased the High Security Supplement, this must be included within the correct license. Please note that the installation process requires the generation of two separate challenge keys and unlock codes. After the first license is selected, the process must be repeated for the second code. This requires you to open the Folio Browser (the program that allows you to view the program contents) and do a File + Open, and find the lss_plus.lcf file. This will display a menu of licenses. Select Locksmith or Government and repeat the process to generate a challenge key.

Please contact Marc Weber Tobias or Harry Sher for an unlock code. You must first generate a challenge key and email it to either, or call Harry Sher, if you purchased your copy from him at an ALOA or other security conference.


You must install the files from your LSS+ (black) CD ROM onto your hard drive. Open your Windows Explorer and find the CD ROM on your computer. Then find the .exe file for SETUP and click on it. This will allow you to install the software that runs the system. You should also copy the .nfo files from all of the other disks onto the same directory.

In the older versions of LSS+, there were the following disks, depending on whether you received the Locksmith version, or Government version:


LSS+ (black), 101 and 102 (green); 201-204 (yellow)


LSS+ (black), 201-205 (yellow), 301-305 (red) 401-403 (blue)

Depending on what you purchased, the DAME and HIGH SECURITY SUPPLEMENT may be included.


LSS 701 (black) Locksmith or Government

DAME 501-502 (orange) single or two disks

Once the software has been copied to your drive, you will be asked to actually install it. Then you must generate a 25 byte challenge key. You then email this key to us, and we will send you an unlock code that must be pasted into the space provided in the program. NOTE: You must leave your computer on and the program open to do this. Please follow the tutorial to generate the key.  You can also contact Marc by phone at 1.605.334.1155 if you run into difficulty.


The procedure to install DAME is essentially the same as LSS+. However, there were several different releases of DAME, including 2007, 2010, and 2013. The earlier versions were on two disks: 501 and 502. These required different unlock codes. Note there are two different Installation PDFs shown, depending on which version you purchased.

The program will only run on Windows operating system; NOT MAC.

INSTALL_2010 For later versions of LSS+ and DAME.