LSS D.A.M.E. is now online at You can purchase online access to all of the videos that previously were only available on disk.

D.A.M.E. which is Defenses Against Methods of Entry is the course developed and taught by Harry L. Sher, and produced by Marc Tobias and Harry Sher. Harry is an ALOA instructor and security expert. There are more than 100 videos in the series providing detailed information on locks and safes. They will be updated later ins 2021.

Access to the system allows the registration of two devices (computer, smartphone, iPad) and the videos can be played on any format (Windows, iOS, Android) which is not possible with the disk-only version. You can order both the original version on USB drive, and online access as well. Subscriptions will be for a two-year basis.

If you previously purchased DAME 2005, 2010, 2013, you can update your subscription to access online content.

LSS+, the Multimedia Edition of Locks, Safes, and Security will also be online shortly with all of its video content for both Locksmith and Government editions.

“Open in Thirty Seconds: Cracking one of the most secure locks in America” is also online and can be purchased together with detailed videos on how the Medeco M3 lock can be picked and bumped open as detailed in the book. A hardbound copy of the book, currently available on Amazon, will also be shipped with a subscription.

If you have any registration issues, please feel free to contact Marc Tobias at