LOCKS, SAFES, AND SECURITY: An International Police Reference (Second Edition)

Marc Weber Tobias has authored the Second Edition of LOCKS, SAFES, AND SECURITY: An International Police Reference, published by Charles Thomas Publishers, Springfield, Illinois, United States. This first edition of this book was originally published in 1970, and was one of the original references about locks utilized by forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The revised textbook contains forty chapters, with over 1400 pages of detailed information about locks and safes: their construction, design, and bypass, as well as an in-depth analysis of physical security.. There are over 550 illustrations, photographs, and diagrams to supplement the text, in extraordinary detail. The book may be ordered directly from the publisher.

An electronic infobase edition, LSS+ CD/ROM was released in July, 2002, and provides expanded text and graphics, and updates to the hardbound edition. The author has also re-written two famous treatises on locks and safes, originally published by Alfred C. Hobbs, and George Price during the 1850s. In addition, the famous manual “The Art of Manipulation” has been edited and included within LSS+. Version 5.0 of LSS+ was released in May, 2004. The latest version is G2, which was released in 2010. An update is scheduled to be released in 2020.

LOCKS, SAFES, and SECURITY provides the first in-depth treatise on the subject since 1856 when George Price wrote his famous treatise in England. This book has been written specifically for criminalists, investigators, security specialists, and government agencies involved in covert operations. The book contains forty chapters that examine the subjects of locks, safes, and security in detail. The theory of each locking mechanism is presented, as well as the latest bypass tools and techniques for locks and safes.

The hardbound edition is only available from the publisher, Charles C. Thomas.