Hackers Meet to Exploit Computer Flaws Hackers Gather at Confab to Penetrate Computers, Pick Locks: 2006 ABC News

Hackers met in Las Vegas at Def Con in August, 2006 to lecture and exchange information about the insecurity of hardware and software. Read the ABC report. ABC News_ Hackers Meet to Exploit Computer Flaws

CNN filed a similar report about the vulnerability of electronic passports and other software and hardware-based products. Read the article.

CNN.com – Researcher_ New passports vulnerable – Aug 6, 2006

Canadian Television CTV also reported on the Def Con conference and the problems with biometric passports. CTV.ca _ Electronic passports vulnerable, expert says

The Washington Post also reported on different issues at the 2006 Def Con.

Hackers Meet to Exploit Computer Flaws

Read the MSNBC article about Def Con 2006 and e-passports.

Expert warns on e-passport security – Security – MSNBC.com