Stack-On Gun Safes And Their Defective Design Killed A Three-Year Old Boy

In 2010 little Ryan Owens died because a service weapon locked in a gun safe manufactured by Stack-On in Chicago, Illinois was defective in its security design, allowing it to be opened in seconds by a young child. A Class Action lawsuit was filed against the company in 2012 by Marc Tobias and Larry Drury which resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement. Several of their safe designs were defective. We believe that some of these problems still have not been remedied.

Read the Forbes article that was posted n August, 2012 by Marc Tobias.

See the detailed report that we posted in 2012 and the article that was written by Bruce Schneier.

Unsafe Safes – Schneier on Security

Watch the tragic story of the death of Ryan Owens on KENS-TV by one of their investigative reporters. Marc Tobias wrote a detailed story in Forbes about the case and posted extensive videos on YouTube to warn the public of the incompetent designs by the company.