Science Expo 2018 At The University Of Pittsburgh Engineering: Projects

A semi-annual Science Expo is held at the University of Pittsburgh by the Swanson School of Engineering. Students demonstrate and discuss their projects in mechanical, electrical, computer, and biomedical engineering for the semester.

The Security Engineering Lab is sponsored by Investigative Law Offices and Security Labs to teach senior engineering students about product design and reverse engineering. The focus is on security and the students work different problems for Security Labs and its clients, which are primarily lock manufacturers worldwide.

Projects in 2018 included a high-tech cane for the elderly, secure prescription drug containers, and an integrated alarm-safe for home use, and a device to protect portable electronic devices such as computer laptops.  Watch the interviews conducted with students for these projects.

Combined Alarm-Safe integrating a wireless alarm system with a small electronic safe.

Secure prescription drug container: team 1

Secure Prescription drug container: Team 2

High-tech location-enable cane for the elderly