Prescription Drug Containers Insecurity: An Overview

Security Laboratories did an extensive analysis of prescription drug containers produced by several different manufacturers in the United States. Watch the introduction and overview by Marc Tobias and Tobias Bluzmanis

I interviewed Dr. Bud LaTeef in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a pain management specialist and developed a supposedly secure drug container several years ago and has sold many of these to clinics and individuals. I interviewed him about his design and philosophy. Unfortunately the team that developed his container knew little, if anything about secure product designs. Watch my interview with him, then how we compromised his container in seconds.

We analyzed another container called the PillPod. This is actually a neat design, but can be relatively easily decoded by a teenager. Watch our analysis.

SaferLock was invented by two college students and is a good idea, but defective in its design. We developed several methods to compromise the container.

Finally, we analyzed several containers made by Vaultz in Cleveland, Ohio. While these containers are secure, the locks are not. Watch how we instantly opened these containers.

Read the full article in Forbes and watch the other relevant videos about this topic.