Olof Palme Assassination: Polygraph Examination in Stockholm

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, was shot and killed outside the theater near his office in 1986 by a lone gunman. In 1996, Sigvard Cedegren gave a deathbed confession that he provided the gun that killed Palme to Christer Pettersson, the prime suspect in the killing.

Marc Tobias was flown to Stockholm in 1996 to conduct a polygraph examination of Cedegren to verify his story. Tobias determined, based upon the results of the examination, that the individual was telling the truth. A few weeks later, Tobias was interviewed on national television with regard to his results.

Watch the interview on the STRIX national television network. Part is in Swedish, and part in English (beginning at 3:05 into the recording).