New Approaches to Tamper and Intrusion Detection for Safeguards and Transport Security

In this Powerpoint presentation, the LANL Team discusses new approaches regarding tamper intrusion and detection. Definitions are presented, including:

tamper detection:  delayed (after the fact) detection of unauthorized access.

intrusion detection:  immediate (real-time) detection of unauthorized access.

lock:  a device to delay, complicate, and/or discourage unauthorized entry.

seal :  a tamper-indicating device (TID) designed to leave non-erasable, unambiguous evidence of unauthorized entry or tampering.  Unlike locks, seals are not necessarily meant to resist access, just record that it took place.

tag:  a device or intrinsic feature (“fingerprint”) for uniquely identifying an object or container.

defeating a seal:  opening a seal, then resealing (using the original seal or a counterfeit) without being detected.

attacking a seal:  undertaking a sequence  of actions designed to defeat it.