Lock and Key: In Safe Hands From TrailBlazers and Walter Isaccson

Walter Isaccson is a world-famous writer and historian at Tulane University. He lectures at the Aspen Institute every year, is often on MSNBC and other networks, and has written several books on technology and history, and profiles of famous individuals.

He produces a series for Dell Computers entitled Trailblazers, which is a podcast. He presented a brief history of lock development in his Podcast 4.5 edition, with interviews of many lock and digital security experts including Marc Weber Tobias.

To quote from his website:

No lock is unbreakable; all you’re ever doing is buying yourself time when a thief tries to access your valuables. To extend that time and make sure your security remains nearly impenetrable, you need two things: a strong lock and a unique key. Both of these have changed dramatically over the years. On Trailblazers, learn how we took the early lessons learned from great locksmiths and applied them to the digital era.


Listen to the audio clip of the discussion. it is fascinating.