FBI Special Agent Wayne Barnes (Retired): Why Background Investigations Are Important for Security

Wayne Barnes was in the FBI for 29 years, much of which in Foreign Counter Intelligence. His most famous case was an assignment to identify the spy in the Bureau in the late 1990s which led to the arrest and conviction of Robert Hanssen, who is now serving a life sentence. Wayne works as a private investigator in the Miami area and works assignments for law firms, corporations, and private individuals.

he is also responsible for the development of the Personal Security Interview (PSI) in 1986 which is now standard for individuals that require a security clearance for the U.S. Government. Watch his interview about the PSI and how it cam about, and the importance of conducting thorough background investigations.

Wayne is also famous in the Bureau for what is known as the “Pizza Call.” Watch the video about this humorous story that took place in San Diego at a psychiatric hospital that was raided for fraud by about twenty agents.

Wayne Barnes gave a presentation at the Miami FIBA (Florida International Bankers Association) meeting on background investigations and security. Watch the interview: