A Lockpicker Found Major Flaws In “High-Security” Locks: Cracked.com

Medeco is ostensibly the Rolls Royce of locks. Their clients include the Department of Defense, the White House, the United Nations, and the British Royal Family, all because their products are considered “high-security” — which technically only means their locks take at least 10 minutes to crack. No lock is unsolvable, but by the time you’ve spent 10 minutes fiddling with one in the Pentagon, someone is hopefully going to notice you and arrest your fiddly ass.

This was an excellent article about “5 Crusading Trolls Who Pranked The Rich And Powerful.”

It discusses in item #1, the analysis of Medeco locks and how they were compromised.

5 Crusading Trolls Who Pranked The Rich And Powerful _ Cracked.com